Many people believe we never fully heal from grief.  That depends upon your definition of healing.  We are definitely forever changed by loss but we do not need to be forever wounded by it. It is important to know we can and will get to the other side. Elizabeth Neeld, author of the book 7 Choices, beautifully describes what healing from grief looks when she writes, “What I now realized was that my life was no longer dominated by the presence of loss. I did again take joy in living. I had done the work that was necessary to be able to say, ‘I have grieved.’” Having walked this soul path myself, I would be honored to walk this ultimate journey of love, loss, and healing with you. Book your free consultation today >

My perspective on grief work can be described as holistic and integrated.

Most therapists approach such work only from the emotional & psychological perspective, leaving out the possibility of an ongoing spiritual connection. Many New Age practitioners conversely focus on the spiritual connection, and often dismiss the very real loss that has happened in one’s physical world. In my work with clients, first and foremost, I always meet them where they are, gently encouraging them to honor their pain and loss as well as to cultivate a new purely spiritual connection with their loved one. To best fit the needs of my clients over the years I have developed and refined this healing work into a 13 week proprietary program called H - E - R - E.

AnnE is a skilled teacher and consistently and lovingly taught the most essential part of grieving: honoring one’s own process. She is a teacher, a healer, and above all, a true master at creating sacred space.
— Mary Beth from Great Barrington, MA

Heal – Explore – Refine - Emerge

H – E – R – E program was developed by Your Soul Path to guide you in the process of recovering from grief. 

H - E - R - E is a holistic & comprehensive grief recovery program working with the stages of Heal - Explore - Refine - Emerge. It is based in the recognition we need to go deep into our healing - emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical - to recover from the wounds of grief.  It also embraces the understanding we will never be the same person as we were before the loss.  Healing is not going back to where we were.  It is moving forward with deeper understanding, greater compassion, and a renewed commitment to life.  It is an honoring that, having done the work, we can emerge from the depths of our despair stronger and more whole, despite the scars.

This 13-session journey gently walks us through the process of opening up to what we want those changes to be and how we can bring them forth in our life.  While it would be fantasy to expect grieving to be finished at the end of the program, you will have increased your awareness of how grief is impacting your life and acquired tools to support healing. Some clients also choose to go deeper in areas where they feel more work is needed and therefore add on additional sessions to the end of the program.  In any case, the intent of H - E - R - E is to offer grounding and stability at a time when life feels anything but stable.

As in any grief recovery program (including Kubler-Ross’s 5 stages of grief), H - E - R - E is not a direct, linear process.  There is a lot of back-and-forth.  It is designed to be spacious enough to meet each individual wherever he / she may be and also specific enough to address the following goals: 

Goal:   Returning wholeness to body, mind, and spirit   Tip:   Be gentle with yourself and open to the process

Goal:  Returning wholeness to body, mind, and spirit

Tip:  Be gentle with yourself and open to the process

Goal :  Learning to live in the Void   Tip:   Challenge your assumptions about yourself and be open to redefinition

Goal:  Learning to live in the Void

Tip:  Challenge your assumptions about yourself and be open to redefinition

Goal:   Bringing heart to the activities of your life   Tip:   Acknowledge you are laying the foundation for yournext chapter

Goal:  Bringing heart to the activities of your life

Tip:  Acknowledge you are laying the foundation for yournext chapter

Goal :  Taking center stage of your new life   Tip:   Allow yourself to enjoy the flow of life once again

Goal:  Taking center stage of your new life

Tip:  Allow yourself to enjoy the flow of life once again

In order to achieve this, the 13 sessions of H-E-R-E address such topics as:

• Recognizing and working with the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional impact of grief
• Letting go of the energy of grief
• Continuing a relationship that serves you with the spirit of your loved one
• Identifying how your life has changed with the loss and how to work with that
• Assessing your beliefs about life and death
• Exploring what calls to you now
• Setting goals and intentions around who you want to be and what you want to create
For the full outline of the 13 sessions, please contact AnnE at or book your free consultation below to see if H - E - R - E is right for you! Consultations are available via Skype, over the phone, or in person in our Great Barrington, MA offices. 

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.
— Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
Many spiritual teachers/healers fail at their endeavors because they haven’t done their ‘emotional homework.’ This is not true with AnnE. She has suffered through the pain of loss and has had to overcome other obstacles to find her own path of healing. The most powerful healer is the “wounded healer,” the one who has passed through a life changing event and has emerged, healed with a gift to give to others. AnnE is the real deal.
— Ruth from New York, NY