Life is a healing journey.  Some experiences along the way may nourish and fulfill us – but there are plenty others that break our hearts, diminish our Spirits, and limit our beliefs in what’s possible.  In order to heal these hurts and step into the fullness of our being, we need courage, support, guidance, and love. That's where Your Soul Path comes in...


There is probably no time in our lives when it is more important to be supported by an understanding person than when we are in the throes of grief.  Unfortunately it's also hard to reach out when we are feeling so raw and vulnerable.  Even when we do reach out, others can be awkward and insensitive. As helping professionals that have experienced our own losses, we offer the perfect balance of deep listening, hope, and assurance. Learn more >

In our world today, it takes support to listen to our hearts and follow the guidance of our soul.  Spiritual counseling can offer that support.  Less directive than coaching and more heart-centered than therapy, spiritual counseling is an invitation to exploration, authenticity, and a whole-hearted life.  Although helpful at any time, people often find spiritual counseling to be a lifeline in times of transition and during dark nights of the soul. Connect with a guide >

Often considered by many to be "new age," energy healing is a modality that actually dates back many thousands of years to shamans and other indigenous medicine men.  Energy Healing is a process of releasing energy that is not yours and/or does not serve you, and raising your own vibration.  It offers many benefits, including improved health, a greater presence in the world, and increased clarity and effectiveness. Book now >

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What people are saying!

AnnE O’Neil is that very rarest of people - She is both pragmatic, practical and fully and wholly Spiritual. As a Spiritual Counselor she has helped me navigate the pathways of my own professional and personal faith experiences. As an Energetic Healer I have found her to of great assistance to help ground me at times when I needed more assistance that I was able to access alone. Additionally she was able to help me shift some digestive health issues into the light where they could be addressed. I enthusiastically and wholly endorse her and her work.
— Lizzie from Orange Park, FL
Working for the last year with AnnE O’Neil has been a deeply transformational and healing experience. She creates a warm and safe environment with her professionalism and compassion. The individual connection she forges with each client allows for the deepest type of communication and sharing because you feel she is truly there for you and that she cares so very much. The relationship AnnE offers is a therapeutic one, but it is also intensely personal. Guided by compassion and intuition, she is a companion in the journey to a new life, and a new way of dealing with the hardest parts of life. She helped me to trust myself and my path, so that I may become the woman I always knew I was meant to be. I would, and do highly recommend AnnE O’Neil to anyone in need of healing, counseling or just a holistic approach to living a full and authentic life.
— Karen from Pittsfield, MA
AnnE’s style embodies the paradox of skillful focused intent while simultaneously letting go, opening to spirit, and trusting in the guidance of the divine flow that is always available. Her presence invites joy, spaciousness, and the wonder of an authentic spiritual adventure.
— Sally from Danbury, CT

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