Your Soul Path is a healing and counseling practice founded in 2010.  All our work is based in Spirit, whatever form our sessions happen to take. 

To borrow from both Robert Frost & the title of the popular classic book, it is indeed “the road less traveled.” 

Your Soul Path works with people who are ready for this journey in order to experience true transformation. Often these are people who have an incomplete or damaged sense of self because they are grappling with such deep soul issues as grief, addiction, life purpose, childhood trauma, and/or relationships that are unfullfiling or dishonoring. We work together to bring forth healing, insight, and connection with Spirit and one’s Higher Self, moving towards the ultimate goal of an authentic, fulfilling, conscious, joyful, rich life.

We base all of our work on the following tenets:
1)  Believe in the possibility of healing...or transformation....or love....or whatever it is that you are seeking.  Without this fundamental trust, your journey will be uphill the whole way.  Once we accept deeply into our being that our goal is possible...that it indeed can happen...shifts start to occur.
2) You have your own answers, just as we all have our own answers within.  We can not - and will not - tell you what the "right" thing for you to do is.  What we will do is help you clear away anything that is separating you from your innate knowing.  This often includes helping you to access your own Higher Self.
3)  Life consists of both the physical and the spiritual worlds.  As Tielhard de Chardin said, "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience."  As a result, we must address both the spiritual nature and the circumstances/ condition of the human experience.  To do so, our focus is very grounded and practical, even when employing spiritual practices focused on connecting us with the Higher World.
4)  Let go of the notion of good / bad energy and right / wrong decisions.  Our energy is neither good nor bad; instead it is either our authentic, real energy or not.  If you need to evaluate your energy, look at it only from the standpoint of whether it is truly yours - or have you taken it on from others.  Similarly with "right" or "wrong" choices, the real question is whether they are in line with who you want to be and what you want to have happen in your life.  
You can learn more about these statements and other beliefs we hold true by perusing our blog.  Enjoy!