I recently had the privilege of AnnE’s loving guidance and support of me in a series of counselling sessions. My brother died very suddenly just as I was about to embark on this relationship with AnnE and had not known that her specialty was in the area of Grief. What a treat to be held so compassionately, during this time, by someone whose experience, clarity, wisdom, depth and caring presence never wavered. AnnE has a very warm, light, sincere and loving energy and was able to intuit exactly the times when a pause for deeper reflection was required and when to gently nudge for further stretching into myself. I feel very blessed by her company and support in my grieving and healing process.
— Paula from Auckland, NZ
AnnE O’Neil was an incredible support around the death of my mother. In officiating her memorial service as an Interfaith minister, AnnE treated the memory of my Mother with such warmth, compassion and gentle humor. She was able to guide us easily and comfortably through each element of the service while maintaining the utmost reverence for that most sacred occasion. Our family members and friends were all deeply moved and very grateful to have AnnE with us on that day.

Several months after her death, I also attended a bereavement group facilitated by AnnE O’Neil. Throughout each session, I always felt entirely held and supported and free to share whatever came up in my grieving process, even if I was experiencing emotions that I considered unattractive, such as anger, hurt, or resentment. AnnE treated each member of the group as an individual, with his/her own process. She is a skilled teacher and consistently and lovingly taught the most essential part of grieving: honoring one’s own process. AnnE is a teacher, a healer, and above all, a true master at creating sacred space.
— Mary Beth from Great Barrington, MA
I am forever thankful to AnnE and her work. Through the healing work with AnnE, I experienced true healing and love with my mother. My mother passed 11 years ago and we had a difficult relationship when she was alive. During the healing sessions, my mother became a part of them with AnnE and showed me her amazing spirit and love for me. Since then, I have experienced peace and a love from my mother that I hadn’t felt when she was alive. I know each day that my mother is with me on my journey of life. I can’t thank AnnE enough for this experience and healing. It means the world to me to have it. Thank you.
— Claire from Great Barrington, MA
Many spiritual teachers/healers fail at their endeavors because they haven’t done their ‘emotional homework.’ This is not true with AnnE. She has suffered through the pain of loss and has had to overcome other obstacles to find her own path of healing. The most powerful healer is the “wounded healer,” the one who has passed through a life changing event and has emerged, healed with a gift to give to others. AnnE is the real deal.
— Ruth from New York, NY
AnnE is full of life, energy and spirit-a true sage and guide on this road of life.
— Nancy from Sag Harbor, NY
AnnE O’Neil helped me connect with a spiritual element in my life at a time when I needed it the most. Not only did she introduce an awareness to the spiritual possibilities but she led the way for me to explore how I might use the spiritual world in a productive way. She did all this with an open heart, leading the way in a gentle and kind, supportive atmosphere. If you are looking to connect to a spiritual dimension in our life AnnE will help.
— Shauna from Woodstock, NY
AnnE is a spiritual WOW. Her energies and profound wisdom guided me giggling through a most difficult year.
— Beth from New York, NY
AnnE is genius at creating a gentle opening and providing guidance for people to find their way to their own authentic higher power. I was damaged around this topic by my harsh Catholic upbringing and never thought I would find a spiritual relationship I could feel comfortable calling my own. I can’t say enough about how adept, sensitive, relaxed and caring Annie is. The result, a true relationship with a higher power, is just invaluable.
— Susan from Great Barrington, MA
I came to AnnE rather by accident, having spent so many years guarding myself that I was barely aware that I was doing it. With her assistance, I was able to start working through past traumas that I had carried for almost a decade, in addition to acknowledging the stagnant state of other parts of my life. Through the work we did together, I was able to both see and accept that I was just as deserving of happiness in my life as anyone else. That support enabled me to take the next great step in my journey, which involved not only walking away from my past life situation, but also trusting myself in a way I never had previously. I carry with me the tools that she gave to me, and use them to help guide me down a new path in which I acknowledge my own worth in the universe.
— Erin from Plymouth, NH
AnnE has a wonderful way of shining light into the dark. She has drawn from her rich life experiences to help me uncover and enrich elements of my own spiritual life. AnnE is genuinely warm and caring and creates a welcoming and accepting environment that makes you feel at ease and appreciated. She is very knowledgeable and her own spiritual journey is very active and alive. AnnE is full of life, energy and spirit-a true sage and guide on this road of life.
— Nancy from Sag Harbor, NY
AnnE O’Neil has said “yes” to the unfolding invitation of spirit. As a gifted spiritual counselor, she makes the spiritual journey accessible to anyone ready to deepen their relationship with God – and longing for a better understanding of self as well. Her style embodies the paradox of skillful focused intent while simultaneously letting go, opening to spirit, and trusting in the guidance of the divine flow that is always available. Her presence invites joy, spaciousness, and the wonder of an authentic spiritual adventure.
— Sally Schwager, Associate Director Interspiritual Counseling Program, One Spirit Interfaith Seminary
“I am by nature highly analytical and introspective, and can easily intellectualize my life experiences.
AnnE has a way of grounding and centering me, of lovingly and gracefully interrupting the monologue of my mind-filled meanderings. She gently guides and supports me to refocus and reconnect to that still small voice within that yearns to be heard.”
— Mary Beth from Vineyard Haven, MA
I met AnnE at a wonderful class on Energy healing almost 2 years ago. She led a grounding exercise and chakra clearing exercise that opened up a whole new world to me that I wanted more of. The results of that class were profound, and I went to a few other classes and felt my energy begin to shift in new and exciting ways. I have since done many healing sessions with AnnE. Each session is a unique experience where I have let go of much baggage from the past, and have come to accept and love myself more fully through this process after years of living with self judgement. This is one gifted woman!! I have given out many of her cards to people I know. AnnE has a way of making this wonderful healing journey feel safe and sacred. It’s clear that she truly “gets it” and is right there in the trenches with you, understanding and using her gifts and experiences to help you to reach your goals.
— Daphne from Great Barrington, MA
For thirty-three years I have suffered with chronic muscle pain. I kept myself functioning with constant chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy.

I knew there could be an emotional component to my problem. I read the work of Dr. John Sarno who indicated that afflicted people could be healed once they learned about the mind-body connection. He also indicated that some people, who did not heal from this insight, might need to address some issues in therapy.

Although I agreed that Dr. Sarno could be right, I did not know how to proceed. I had ten plus years of psychotherapy and it did not help my constant somatic struggle. So for years I ambled along, spending lots of money on alternative healing modalities.

Five years ago, I encountered some difficult life altering events which just wore me down. The pain became worse and my functionality became quite limited. I decided to go back to therapy to explore these life changes.

One of the tools my therapist suggested was utilizing the services of AnnE O’Neil, an energy healer. My therapist, herself used AnnE’s services and believed that energy healing could augment the therapeutic process.

I had tried energy healing in the past as I was desperate to find an answer to regain a full life. This time, with AnnE, I discovered “gold.” She is the ‘real deal.’ So many secrets of my life became open to me and the answer eventually presented itself as an imbalance of the mind-body-soul connection. I began to heal.

All of a sudden after years of babying myself, I began to move again. I could garden, take care of my home and do all the projects that were denied to me in the past. In fact I was like a kid in a candy store who had rediscovered the ability to lead a full life. I wanted to do everything at once. Ironically, my most recent visit to AnnE was to learn how to balance myself and to now slow down.

I am grateful to Dr. Sarno who set the field with his brilliant insights, to my therapist who had the wisdom to see how energy healing could compliment the therapeutic process and to AnnE O’Neil who brought to my life some amazing healing experiences.
— Ruth from New York, NY