Photo Credit: Karen Schiltz

Photo Credit: Karen Schiltz

AnnE O'Neil, Founder

AnnE O’Neil is the founder and lead practitioner for Your Soul Path.  Her personal mission is to provide healing and inspiration to individuals so they may step more fully into lives of consciousness, purpose & joy. Her focus is on people who have undergone a loss in their life that has shaken them to their core and caused them to reconsider who they are and what is most important to them.

This is the path AnnE herself has taken. She started her career in advertising account management, where she worked for 20 years, mostly in New York agencies. Despite her success, AnnE found herself empty, using drinking and the material badges of her life as crutches. Once she got sober and her spiritual life grew, she found herself less fulfilled by this chosen path. This increasing “divine discontent,” combined with her husband’s death. drove her to focus on healing and deepening her own spiritual life. After many years on that journey, her path expanded to supporting others on their soul path. Her goal in all her work with others is that they develop a greater love for themselves and compassion for others. AnnE’s open heart, intuition, deep listening, and sense of humor provides the perfect container for this to happen.

AnnE works with energy healing, grief counseling, spiritual direction, and life coaching with her clients. She was ordained as an Interfaith minister through One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, where she has also received a Certificate in Interspiritual Counseling and is currently on staff as a Dean in the Interspiritual Counseling program. She is also a Certified Instructor and Practitioner through One Light Healing Touch, as well as a Certified Grief Counselor through the American Institute of Healthcare Practitioners. Her coach training was with Coach for Life.

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