Life is amazingly precious – yet sometimes we lose sight of that. We get caught in the day-to-day list of things to do and limiting beliefs about what is really possible. Add to that our “issues” and baggage and we often find ourselves settling for so much less. If you are looking for greater fulfillment, greater depth, greater presence in your life and your being-ness, you may very well be looking for Invitations to a Soulful Life.

What are the Invitations you ask? OK….I’ll tell you – but remember that within each one of these are many other invitations that we’ll identify and explore.

  • The Invitation to Heal into Wholeness
  • The Invitation to Connect – with oneself, with others, with the Divine, and with Mother Nature
  • The Invitation to Be Present in Each and Every Moment
  • The Invitation to Find One’s Purpose and to Live from that Place
  • The Invitation to Create
  • The Invitation to Love

While this program is for anyone who has a sense their life can be richer and more meaningful, it can be especially supportive if:

  • You underwent a loss that shook you to your core a while back and have been in healing mode since then. You feel ready to emerge into the new you that has been developing.
  • You have been in recovery from an addiction for some years and find that the “pink cloud” is gone. Yes, you are still grateful but are seeking new possibilities.
  • You find yourself intrigued by the big transformational program(s) that are out there – but know your soul longs for something smaller and more intimate.
  • You are in a major transition in your life: moving, empty nest, looking to shift careers, etc.

This online program combines group spiritual counseling with individual 1-1 sessions. The group sessions consist of discussion, dyad work, and guided meditations focused on one of the Invitations each week, along with Opening and Closing sessions. The 1-1 sessions will also focus on a particular invitation, but give you a chance to explore more deeply exactly what that invitation means to you. For example, the invitation to heal into wholeness may be primarily about physical well-being for one person, about the healing that comes through forgiveness for someone else, and about healing from unfinished grief for a third. Each personal session will focus on identifying your soul path to accepting that invitation, including how to embody the opening and freedom it is calling forth in you.

This program will officially launch later in 2018 but an 8-week pilot group is being formed starting Feb. 21. This group is limited to 10 people. As motivation to hop on board and be an adventurous “early adopter”, this series is being offered at $345, a 50% discount off the full rate of $685.

AnnE O’Neil is that very rarest of people - She is both pragmatic, practical and fully and wholly Spiritual." - LT, Florida

"Guided by compassion and intuition, she (AnnE) is a companion in the journey to a new life, and a new way of dealing with the hardest parts of life. She helped me to trust myself and my path, so that I may become the woman I always knew I was meant to be."  =- KS, MA

AnnE gently guides and supports me to refocus and reconnect to that still small voice within that yearns to be heard.” - MD, MA

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