Finally clear out what’s not serving you and tap into your own gifts and power more deeply...

One of the crucial yet often-overlooked aspect of healing is working with one’s energy.  Energy healing is a valuable tool for most everyone – whether the issues you face are physical, emotional, spiritual, or any combination therein.

Some of the most common reasons people embark on a journey of energy healing include:

   * Releasing the heaviness of grief, trauma, and loss
   * Pain relief
   * Reduced stress, anxiety, and/or depression
   * Reduced side effects from traditional medical treatments (e.g. surgery, chemo)
   * Increased personal growth and self-awareness
   * Improved sense of well-being and quality of life
   * Relationship issues

AnnE has been doing energy healing for 20 years, first as a practitioner / follower of the spiritual practice of Johrei, now as a Certified Instructor and Practitioner of One Light Healing Touch.  One Light Healing Touch offers a unique, powerful healing experience. Through connecting with Spirit and your own Higher Self, AnnE is guided to select from about 50 healing techniques to address your specific needs. Depending upon the guidance she receives, a session may contain invoking the Light, releasing and balancing energy and cutting the cords that drain essential energy. This heals, grounds, and optimizes your vitality for a more peaceful, centered way of living.

I have done many healing sessions with AnnE. Each session is a unique experience where I have let go of much baggage from the past, and have come to accept and love myself more fully through this process after years of living with self judgement. AnnE has a way of making this wonderful healing journey feel safe and sacred. It’s clear that she truly “gets it” and is right there in the trenches with you, understanding and using her gifts and experiences to help you to reach your goals.
— Daphne from Great Barrington, MA


Energy Healing Events

Intro to Self-Healing with One Light Healing Touch

In this two-hour introduction, we will:

  • Discuss how life force energy flows, including how we take on energy that isn’t ours and the impact that has on our physical and emotional health.
  • Experience a profound grounding practice that allows you to be more present in life and to begin to release foreign and blocked energy.
  • Learn the six sacred self-healing practices
  • Do a self-healing exercise that allows you to get in touch with your own healing power.

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Calling Back your Energy

As we travel through our lives, we leave a bit of our energy behind wherever we go and whatever we do. In this powerful 1-hour One Light Healing Touch Orange Ball meditation/guided visualization healing, we will call back our energy and essence from people and places in order to become more fully and authentically our unique selves. We start with a brief grounding to get centered and open.

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A Day of Healing with One Light Healing Touch

In this full-day class, you will:

  • Experience six sacred practices for healing
  • Be given an acclaimed, 9-point protocol to protect you and the person receiving the healing
  • Hear about the seven major chakra energy centers
  • Learn how to scan someone’s energy field
  • Give and receive radiant and color healing techniques
  • … and More!

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