What is my service?

I recently ran across a journal writing from my December trip to Italy.  I had just visited the Sistine Chapel and was in awe not only by its beauty – but with an overwhelming gratitude for Michelangelo that he followed through on his calling, that he knew this was a service he needed to offer to God and to his fellows.  I started to think of others who clearly followed that path, usually in situations where they were not necessarily going to be received well – and often had no clue what they were doing moment-to-moment.  These people include Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob (founders of AA), and, today, Pope Francis. 

It of course also brought forth the question of what is my service to God and the world…and am I doing it?  I do know I have many guiding principles / thoughts.  One is my ministerial vow to see the Light of the Divine in all (including myself) and to live fully and mindfully.  Another is my personal life mission to bring healing and inspiration to individuals so they may more fully experience lives of consciousness, joy, and purpose.  Almost daily, as a 12-step member, I am reminded that my “primary purpose is to stay sober and help others achieve sobriety.”

As I review those expressions of my reason for being, I note that how I am doing with them varies a bit.  The ones that are easier (mostly because I know how to do them – or at least think I do), I do well and regularly.  The ones that require me to stretch a bit, not so much.  Most of that stretching these days comes in the form of inspiring others through creative expression and spiritual guidance.  There are a lot of ideas rattling around in this brain that are not manifesting in the world that may serve someone by inspiring them.  Time for me to follow in the footsteps of Michelangelo (in a very humble way) and more fully offer my creative gifts to the world.

I invite you to consider what your service to God and the world is.  If you don’t have any stated guiding principles, consider writing something down.  I found it a great starting point to answer this question.